Πέμπτη, 21 Μαΐου 2009

The order of irregularity and the numb goat!

One is not expected to speak of one's numbness when the one is numb.
Resisting the "about to come" leads to irregularity. Irregularity seems to be the perfect orderly manner of evolving, and through evolution (of the mind), revolting. Strange days accompany these irregularities and commons cease to exist, or rather elevate their existance into rebellious specials. The order of the commons becomes the disorder of the specials and the "about to come" becomes the "about to change". Change is always good....NOT. Change is different, conceptually, theoritically, spiritually.How about really? Is it not the case that once the specials supress the "icons of tradition" and anhilate the bonds of static, retreat into their roots of commonness, or even choose to hand over their infant legacy to newly founded orders of caretakers...? Caretakers who were never "specialised"... And then the "what has changed" becomes the norm.

As silent by-standers, or even participants of this realm of "norm" identifies us as normal? If so why is this normality so indifferent to me? Why do I consider the so-called revolution that enthroned the norm, as something I needn't consider at all. Is it possible that for at least one single moment in history all the participants of this so-called revolution shared a common thought? or were in the same mind frame? If so, was it by their own, personal and rightfull choice or were they simply puppeteered into adopting as their own, this made-beleive common cause for the "greater good"? By who? And how is one man's thought, his own personal solution of a common(governed by the strict rules of personal experience- and identified univesally by a common denomenator- of negligible importance sometimes) problem , suddenly rocketeered into the stratosphere, becoming a bright star of sublime leadership, becoming an essential element of life, becoming the breath that powers the cancer infested lungs of the mass? Just like that. Random events of life all of a sudden become pre-planned injustices, with publically recognised instigators of these injustices. Misfortune becomes the spear that will be driven into the heart of the norm. And always, there is One. One that will masterfully lead (or mislead) the newly formed mass of momentarily )and this moment can be very long) blind beleivers into the "promise land". Nobody stops to think back. Nobody realises the obvious. Even God himself could not deliver the promise land. Why have i wasted all this energy on something indifferent to me? Di i need to prove to myself the rightousness of my beleif?

I am becoming unstable. My numbness is not universal and this troubles me. The brain keeps ordering the numb body, or the body is vibrant and awaiting the orders of the numb mind. Which is worse. I am becoming unstable. Irregular. I had goat last night, roasted baby goat (it was dead so apparently numb too) and pan-fried zucchini. It was delicious. My taste buds are not numb. The rest of me is. Irregular numbness.

Irregularity leads to chaos... systems whose states evolve with time – that may exhibit dynamics that are highly sensitive to initial conditions (popularly referred to as the butterfly effect). As a result of this sensitivity, which manifests itself as an exponential growth of perturbations in the initial conditions, the behavior of chaotic systems appears to be random. This happens even though these systems are deterministic, meaning that their future dynamics are fully defined by their initial conditions with no random elements involved. This behavior is known as deterministic chaos (wikipedia).

So ( (((Non Numbness - Numbness) *Roasted Baby Goat)/ fried zucchini) + 1 Amstel) - this morning's excrement + 1 liter of urine) = Chaos

Chaos = apparently random behaviour (with all the sauce added)

Apparently random behaviour= apparent irregularity

Apparent irregulaty= Apparently Me.

I need to see a doctor...i Think..

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Μπούσουλας είπε...

Man.. Thats some abstract thinking man. i read it again.I think that irregularity cannot be systematized.If it could, then it would not be named irregularity i suppose. One can only regulate their own life and only to the degree of ensuring survival. Even that, it is very relevant because if we consider the current common lifestyle i think it does not ensure survival but it only provides a fake feeling of short-term accomplishment that is demanded by the social norms.People do not look after their mental or body health nor do they enjoy life in a natural way. Desire is the common theme that rules the lifes of people. Desire produced by the dynamic social norms that produce the herd psychology or vice versa and tradition and not from the very human nature.Human nature has lost its roots and numbness is a signal that we are searching for it. May be. Numbness could be the realization of ones entrapment in this system of desire. Its a defense mechanism or an alarm that there is a need for change. How do you achieve that? I came to the conclusion that independent, freelance work and less financial demands is the answer to numbness.Fuck civil service systems, fuck politics, fuck sick beaurocracy, fuck expensive houses and cars, fuck trendy, fuck proper dress code,fuck being marginalized, fuck giving explanations, .. fuck them all man. life is only natural. its not about systems. its not about norms. its not about tradition. its about potential and enjoyment.Its about creativity and innovation. Its about debating.Its about LOVE and FRIENDSHIP.
By the way i just had a sandwich and cola.I am having a cigarette now.

Michael είπε...
Αυτό το σχόλιο αφαιρέθηκε από τον συντάκτη.
Michael είπε...

I'd only assume that after all that fucking you would at least engage in the noble art of after-sex smoking. I agree, fuck them all..but i come to think about it...do i have the required potency to sustain a hard on, long enough to fuck all that? Judging from the very little knowledge I've come to aquire, about me, I 'd have to say...no ...i do not have the stamina to do that.
Systems? What is a system? Deconstructing any system to its barebones will reveal the eternal truth of the systemic frenzy that has accompanied man through all the moments of his existense. There is no such thing as a system. A system is a made-beleive array of randomly calculated set of ethics and norms that have actually no meaning whatsoever if you isolate them and observe them as individual endities. What is ethical? Has it ever been clarified with any sort of scientific debate? I assume no. What is a norm? If my environment is a huge so-called nut-house and the majority of the inmates walk around with a broom sticking out of their asses, is that the norm? Is that something I, or anyone else, should do? SO i conclude that the norm is nothing more than an easily assimilated established situation that has been properly marketed as to become the "way of the many"- hence the norm. But then again, as an individual, raised in any environment, can I, or you- or anyone, totally detach myself from the ethics and the norms of the many? Should i react to all that i consider as given parameters that were not generated by my own innovation as originals? Is there not a common psyche denomenator in all humans? Confusing, but simple to answer. No there is NOT a single common denomenator in all humans. No two DNAs are the same. No two eyes are the same...no two people are the same. We all differ in apperarance and physical composition. Therefore why should we all function alike? Why should there be a common set of "rules" guiding us? The essential constituent of our human nature, our helix is unmatched. Hence, i conclude that none of this mumbo-jumbo shitlist of laws, rules, regulations, ethics etc that has been forceably elevated to a manual for living has nothing to do with me. A manual of how to walk, talk, dress, eat, date, fuck etc etc. One does not have to honor the systemic compnents with systematic ejaculatons of his sperm. One can simply choose to walk along side of all these. Allow himself to submerge into the archetype of his brain, his nature, and follow what his raw mental guidance tells him to follow. And that my friend is called...Natural....